Your home needs to look great in order for you to really enjoy it, and we know that the right colors in the right rooms will have a big impact on how it feels to you. That's why we're proud to offer the best residential interior painting services available today. We're ready to help you get the results you need and give yourself the home you're dreaming of.

Our Services
While it may seem like a paint job is a paint job, the fact is that we offer a lot of different services when you need to paint your home. Our interior paint services include:

  • Ceiling Painting
  • Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Trim Staining/Painting
  • Basic Wall Painting
  • Color Matching
  • Virtually Any Other Interior Paint-Related Service

We can even help provide advice on color choices if you need it.

Our Professionals
Working with professional painters makes a big difference. While you can try to handle the job on your own, the fact is that there are lots of different reasons you'll want to think about using a company that can help. Here are some of the things that help set us apart:

  • Home Protection - Simply put, getting paint in the wrong place is something that you never want to happen when you're painting the interior of your home. A spill or even a minor drip can ruin a room, and our painters take steps to make sure that no paint ends up anywhere it shouldn't be.

  • Safety - When you're dealing with vaulted ceilings or painting in staircases, there's a big risk of falling and injuring yourself. We're fully insured and use the latest tools and safety devices to protect ourselves against potential injuries. Letting us help will keep you safe.

  • Professional Results - Few things are as challenging as 'cutting in', which is the act of painting a fine edge where two different colors meet. For instance, the point where your interior siding meets window trim will involve two different colors. Tape can help, but even taping could cause issues. Our pros ensure professional results and you won't see splotches or errors on the paint job they do.

  • Speed - We use the latest tools and techniques to keep us moving fast. While quality is the single most important thing to us in terms of your paint job, speed matters as well. When you trust our professionals to handle your painting, you won't have to worry about the job being drug out for months at a time. We get done quickly, and we do things the right way.

  • Our Price - Finally, we set ourselves apart from the competition by offering free estimates and delivering excellent results at a fair price. We know that money is tight these days, but we believe that giving you great interior painting shouldn't cost a small fortune. We're happy to give you a full, free estimate and then deliver results within that estimate's price range.

If you're thinking of changing the color of your dining room or need to re-stain your hardwood floors, give us a call. No job is too large or too small , and we specialize in all areas of interior painting. Don't struggle with the process on your own when the pros are standing by to help.